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Renko Maker Pro Special Edition Not Repaint MT4

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Renko Maker Pro Special Edition

Not Repaint is a trend following system based on Renko chart but suitable also for Median Renk and Range bar ( miniumum 10 pips box size)

The idea of this modification was born from the fact that some users of the site trading with this system sometimes the real-time confirmation indicator generated many signals in frequency. I corrected this error by replacing it with a trend indicator that did not have this error and replaced it with HMA slow. Then the rest of the system and the trading rules are the same.

Box size 10 pips or above


Currency pairs majors and minors
Metatrader 4 Indicators

Trend indicator in the corner.

HAM (44 perid)

Signal Trend.

Renko original chart (median renko builder)

Renko Live chart (renko buider)

Trading Rules Renko Maker Pro Special Edition Not Repaint


1.BUY when color of both indicators = Lime (Candle Closed)

2.SELL when color of both indicators = Red (Candle Closed)

3. CLOSED at the first opposite color of signal indicator (Candle Closed)

4. TAKE PROFIT AND STOP LOSS you can set by your own target manually or follow the “ CLOSED” rule of the system.It mean that whatever you loss or profit you close your position whenever signal indicator show the first opposite color ( Candle Closed )

1.We recommended to trade following the trend. Trading against trend might you get profit but it will be higher risk.You can see “MTF-TrendBar”indicator in the TOP RIGHT corner to get recent trend info.Use trend of Time Frame H1-above

Lime = trend UP Red = trend DOWN DarkGray = Sideway/ Flat Market 2.

Do not be late enter the Market.

When in the closed candle both indicators formed same color, at the same time you

Open Position immediately. As well as you closed your position.So you can maximize your profits. 3. If you see sideway market signed by flat candle movement,do not enter the market.

Or if you are in the market,just exit. 4. For Good result of your position. Buy in the lowest (oversold) and Sell in the highest ( overbought).Use daily range to define this rule.
You will get a 7Z (580KB) file



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