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Forex Expert Artilas EA MT4 Robot

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Articles EA is an individual Forex EA built exclusively for beginner traders. For Forex newbies, it’s very helpful because it works with tiny trading accounts and lot sizes, starting at around $1,000. Trading with micro quantities such as 0.01 allows you to start small and develop your account. Everything you need to run your EA, together with all the setup files and programs, are provided to you.

AUGMENTED ARTILAS Every trading decision is made by the advisor at Atlas Forex. Trading experience spans 30 years. As an emerging markets and global proprietary trading specialist, he worked for major investment banks in numerous locations across the world. His understanding of the intricacies of technical and fundamental analysis, as well as the psychology of trading, is extensive. He has exceptional skill at maximizing the effectiveness of proprietary trading teams, and he mentors traders both individually and in groups. In the order of $1 billion in Forex-related trading revenue, the advisor has been directly accountable. In 2004, he cofounded a highly successful algorithmic trading operation with a group of Ivy League-trained astrophysicists, and it was sold to a big financial institution in 2006. Not only was the advisor named to Ernst & Young’s list of the 100 most influential business people in the US for his role as the co-founder of one of the world’s largest Forex brokerages, but he was also identified as a rising star by Forbes Magazine in its annual assessment of entrepreneurial superstars.

Forex EA’s MetaTrader 4 EA Automated Forex Trading System See Set & Forget for step-by-step instructions for setup and simple operation.
You do not need trading experience to participate.
United States Brokers; Non-United States Brokers
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